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Control Engineering

The Control Engineering department, under the direction of Managing Director Franz Mandl,, offers you the following services:

Electro Powered Overhead Conveyor

    • CAE/CAD design
    • Software development
    • Visualization systems
    • Programming of robots
    • Switch cabinet construction
    • System installation
    • Service/system maintenance
    • Training seminars

Control engineering from Staudinger makes an impact because we never lose sight of the big picture. Our range of services encompasses design, simulation, manufacturing and plant construction. The employees in the Control Engineering department closely work with their colleagues in Plant and Mechanical Engineering. This teamwork puts us in a position to quickly and effectively process all assignments. Our highly networked in-house environment requires our employees to be real team players, who successfully utilize their coordination abilities throughout a project, especially if the project involves working beyond the boundaries of our company.

All of this translates into the following advantages for you:

    • Reliable, professional contacts
    • Strict adherence to schedule during the project phase
    • A guaranteed satisfying experience for you

Quality made possible by a high degree of expertise

Dynamism and Drive initiate a development in our Control Engineering department. Those who are successful in this field are able to quickly tap into a broad expanse of up-to-date specialist knowledge - we transform our knowledge into profit for you, the customer. Regardless of the direction your industrial firm takes and the challenge that is at hand, all Staudinger solutions have the following in common:

  • Our systems are characterized by high performance and high availability.
  • Our systems are constructed using state-of-the-art technology, are flexible and can be easily adapted to current requirements.
  • Our systems are always equipped with a logically structured, easy-to-use visualization system.
  • We detect neurological nodes prior to close-loop control and provide you alternatives at an early stage of the project in order to avoid malfunctions.

Staudinger Control Engineering guarantees reliable completion of work critical company areas involving high intensity manufacturing. This applies to control/automatic control engineering, materials handling, programming, switch cabinet construction or installation work, too: our quality comes by way of expertise.

In high intensity industrial manufacturing, time is everything. Whatever requirements you have for your system, the Staudinger team can implement customized, complete solutions on schedule.

Here, the Control Engineering department assumes the responsibility of all possible aspects of a project:

  • from project management,
  • to electronics system design
  • to programming PLCs or robots,
  • to switch cabinet construction
  • to electrical installation
  • and plant maintenance.

In this way, we can keep path short and guarantee you first-class quality. In addition to complete solutions, we can offer our services on an individual basis. It is this combination of integrated company business field that allows the Staudinger team to realize its full potential.

Successful global projects are proof of the company's high level of know-how as well as motivation and flexibility on the part of our employees.

All of our systems have one thing in common: only the details are what makes a Staudinger project a complete success. However, just those who have a great deal of applicable experience can "have a nose" for details. Ongoing professional training for our employees ensures that the quality we provide remains at a high level. Our specialist knowledge and attention to details pay off for customers.

Your Contact Person:

Franz Mandl
Tel: +49 (0)8731 / 50 69-200