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To meet the high demands for automatization offers Staudinger in consideration of customer's requirements professional planning and projection for your electrical documentation as well as optimized to process programming of PLC-controlling, robots, visualisation, standard languages and databases.

CAE/CAD design

  • Electrical projection
  • Installation projection
  • ePLAN
  • AutoCAD

Owing to a long year experience and expert knowledge together with exercise due to care and feats meets Staudinger the high demand for electrical projection. Redundant process flow in the field of construction are always optimized to meet steadily rising requirements in quality.
Whether for projecting entire plants or plant integration we always offer high-quality construction work at customer's specific demand.
So we ensure that project and plant documentation is in accordance with the high quality of your construction. You receive perfect support regardless of new construction or transfer of existing documentation that of course up to your wishes.

Programmable logic controller (PLC)

  • Siemens SIMATIC (S5, S7)
  • B&R
  • Pilz
  • Phoenix Contact
  • Rockwell / Allen-Bradley
  • AEG

Staudinger is a competent and powerful partner which uses the latest engineering tools to master technical challenges in industry and process engineering in the field of automation and IT.

We solve complex open and closed loop control systems with customer-specific PLC technology which is tailored to your production process. Professional instruction and training for your operating personnel coupled with performance-orientated plant documentation will help you to avoid prolonged downtimes due to malfunctions during operation of the control system.

Visualization systems

  • COPA DATA zenOn (partner of technology)
  • SIMATIC HMI (WinCC, WinCC Flexible, Protool,...)
  • Lauer PCSpro
  • Visam Win32
  • Sütron TSWin
  • Wonderware InTouch
  • GEFASOFT GraphPic
  • HTML

For all modern systems with its complexity it is of great importance to locate and eliminate failures quickly. Therefor we make a point of a intuitive and quick handling of our software. In a close collaboration with customers we design the ideal solution for your specific application.

Visualisation of Staudinger are thus always customised for your system. Also connections with databases and higher-ranking systems - no problem.

We are experts in the field of line and data control and visualisation.

Since 2008 Staudinger partner of technology of COPA-DATA.

Programming of robots

  • Simulation/Offline programming
  • Online programming
  • Robot applications

With many years' of experience in the programming of robot systems, Staudinger offers full responsibility and guarantees on-schedule delivery and reliable service for all work relating to robot systems.
Our professional team will always find a fast, efficient and clever solution - whatever the challenge.

High languages

  • .NET (VB, C#)
  • JAVA
  • C/C++

Based on the requirements of the user, the software developers of Staudinger first support systems analyse and design, develop prototypes and take part in specification of the development frame. Second they modulate interfaces and data formats, create testing environments and data and test the units in the field of the software component.


  • MS SQL-Server
  • MySQL
  • Sybase

The developer team of Staudinger conceives and implements software - from single components to complete applications.
Afterwards the developers specify and encapsulate database accesses and remote calls. Locally at the customer or in our own facility they implement user interfaces and the functionality of the system. After the successful tests they accompany the installation and configuration of the software solution and support the training of the users.

Your Contact Person:

Franz Mandl
Tel: +49 (0)8731 / 50 69-200