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  • zenon – Greater flexibility in production.
    The flexible storage and conveyor system in BMW‘s Dingolfing plant picks up all the doors from the assembly line and reunites them with the bodies at the right moment. This storage system, whose display requirements are handled by zenon, boasts a minimal space requirement whilst at the same time offering excellent flexibility.
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  • Electric Powered Overhead Conveyor (EHB) using contactless energy transfer Elektrohängebahn (EHB) mittels kontaktloser Energieübertragung
    As maintenance rates, high plant availabilities and difficult environmental conditions for the adoption of power supply systems play a decisive role, plant operators rarely employ conventional systems based on the principle of contact e.g. drag chains or conductor lines. A contactless energy transfer provides much more benefits in such cases.
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  • Materials Handlings by electric powered Skid Track (EPB)article elctro powered Skid Track
    The BMW central store Dingolfing supplies the local distribution centres and importers for the global BMW markets and assumes direct provision of about 300 BMW dealers in Southern Germany.
    The Dynamics Centre (DyZ) is the central element of the central spare parts delivery (ZTA) of BMW Group there. Materials handling by electric powered skid tracks (EPB) as core of the internal transport system is used as bridging for long distances in the Dynamic Centre and connects the
    operating spheres goods receipt/pre-packaging, storage area, ordering’s consolidation and end packaging. The transported boxes are handed over or assumed by different operating spheres with FFZ at defined positions on the chain conveyors.
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