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Plant and Mechanical Engineering

The Plant and Mechanical Engineering department, under the direction of Andreas Tomschi, offers you the following services:

      • Plant/system engineering
      • Mechanical engineering
      • Materials handling engineering
      • Fixture construction
      • Structural steel engineering (DIN 18800)
      • Protective devices
      • Workstation design
      • Pneumatic/hydraulic systems
      • Installation of media
      • CAD design

Staudinger Plant and Mechanical Engineering is your reliable partner for complete system solutions. This department offers you a full spectrum of services, from plant and mechanical engineering, to materials handling design, to fixture construction, all the way to the welding of steel structures in accordance with DIN 18800. We focus on results!

You receive full-service support encompassing the following elements:

  • Customer-oriented design
  • Realistic cost estimation, thanks to our long-term supplier
    relationship with excellent price/performance ratio
  • Project management with on-time scheduling
    and clear communication
  • Thorough and efficient completion of work

Complete solutions form one source

Decades of experience servicing both at Germany and abroad have generated a pool of expert knowledge within the Staudinger Plant and Mechanical Engineering department. Working on countless projects, our experts have developed innovative solutions for highly complex tasks. take materials handling, e.g. for the experts at Staudinger, it does not make any difference about weight or condition of the material to be handled. Transport is up to customers requirements.

Staudinger employees provide valuable input for all projects they work on and implement efficient solutions at short notice for problems just arising out of practice. Our experts always offer a workable, oftentimes amazingly simple alternative.

We will be glad to assist you in selecting a suitable working method, system, machine or technology for you.

Safety is at first priority in industrial manufacturing. The topic of occupational safety is complex and, most of the time, installing grids or barricades is simply not sufficient.
The specialists in the Staudinger Plant and Mechanical Engineering department have many years of experience in designing and implementing protective rooms, secure processes and intelligent protection concepts.

Staudinger Plant and Mechanical Engineering not only has an excellent reputation when it comes to building new systems, but is also frequently called on to maintain systems and machines and to provide other services in this area. The latter especially requires comprehensive technical knowledge, as only those who are very familiar with the operating characteristics of a machine as well as how it works together with the other stations of a system can boost the clock rate and make a production line run even more efficiently. This is exactly what the experts at Staudinger do every day - for you.

Another advantage: at Staudinger, the experts from Plant and Mechanical work closely with those in Control Engineering. Our customers only profit from this unbeatable synergetic effect, as knowledge is freely exchanged between stage and details on interfaces between electronic and mechanics are thoroughly discussed.

Having a Plant and Mechanical Engineering and Control Engineering department consolidated allows Staudinger to act as a general contractor: we deliver high performance, highly available systems for all areas of industrial manufacturing to nothing less than your absolute satisfaction. Here it must also be mentioned that cost estimation and implementation take place strictly in accordance with economic factors and that all current regulations and standards are maintained. The solution that our engineers finalize, however, remain flexible and innovative. Your contact will provide you with all of the professional assistance you need during the project so that everyone involved always has the same level of information. You can reply on monitored progress and high quality management service.

All our systems have one thin in common: the details are what makes a Staudinger project a complete success: However, only those who have a great deal of applicable experience can "have a nose" for details. Ongoing professional training for our employees ensures that the quality we provide remains at a high level. Our specialist knowledge and attention to details pay off for customers.

Your Contact Person:

Andreas Tomschi
Tel: +49 (0)8731 / 50 69-300