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Mechanical Engineering

Staudinger has the perfect setup to develop, manufacture and install machines. Following initial meetings between the customer and the project manager, in which the customer's needs are discussed, the design department gets to work on the corresponding planning. Once the plans are in place, colleagues in the Staudinger workshop put them exactly into place. By handling the entire project in-house and thus keeping distances short between the different departments, final installation and commissioning of the machine at the customer is a smooth and well-oiled process.

Special engineering

  • Sorting plants
  • Labeling systems
  • Assembly plants
  • Soldering lines

The trend is clear - machine engineering is moving further and further towards special purpose machines. As they are especially designed for the application in hand, special purpose machines can be optimized for the relevant site so that they deliver that vital competitive edge. Staudinger have recognized this trend and started early on to develop and construct special purpose machines. This has brought us experience in a wide variety of fields, with projects of all sizes and a multitude of requirements. We would be very happy to personally demonstrate a selection of our reference objects and show you how we can meet your needs.

Material handling engineering

  • Accumulating roller conveyors
  • Pallet conveyors
  • Monorail overhead conveyors
  • Chain-linking of machines
  • Work piece carrier systems

Enormous mechanical loads are placed on materials handling and conveying systems. For example, depending on the requirements of the application, the conveyor belt may need to withstand a complete vehicle being driven onto it and being brought to a stop under full braking. Shift for shift, year-in year-out. Staudinger engineers are specialists in transportation and delivery systems for unusual items. Whether particularly delicate, unusually heavy, bulky or greasy: our team keeps delivering conveying solutions where others have been forced to give up. Why not set us a challenge?

Fixture construction

  • Welding devices
  • Measuring equipment
  • Robot picker arms
  • Portal handling
  • Hanging conveying systems

All equipment supplied by Staudinger is CAD-designed, CNC-milled and measured with full logging of the results. This level of quality is the norm for us. We know the kind of loads that these devices will be subjected to once they go into operation - and that, whatever the demands, they must keep working smoothly and not wear. This is why we believe that a little extra care is not too much to ask for.


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