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Plant/System Engineering

Staudinger has brought together under one roof all the specialists you will need for your industrial plant. As a result, the company is in demand as a partner for the design and installation of plant engineering systems. The key to our success is simple: regardless of how many people are involved behind the scenes, as the customer you will always have a single, personal contact at Staudinger that will accompany you right through the project. As well as always being there for you, he or she will be 100% reliable and will never over-promise or under-deliver. As the central point of contact, the project manager will provide smooth communications within the company and with all other departments involved. He will even work through the night to keep his word - anything, in fact, to ensure that your plant is ready to start on time.

Manufacturing facilities

  • Welding plants
  • Painting installations
  • Assembly lines

Staudinger is particularly proud of the large number of production plants customers have asked the company to build. To us, that demonstrates the faith our customers have in the company. Machine down time really hurts - after all, it is a genuine and expensive waste of money. Our conclusion is simple: the plant must never stop working. So if you are looking for a really clean design, reliable performance and plant longevity - come to Staudinger.

Workstation design

  • Refinishing workstations
  • Manual production lines
  • Control stations
  • Individual assembly stations

Despite the high degree of automation in industrial manufacturing plants, there is still a continuing high demand for manual workstations. At Staudinger, we center the design of these workstations around the people who will be using them. This means that we make sure that all tools and equipment are positioned ergonomically and within comfortable reach, any height elevations are compensated with lifting platforms, and of course we always use non-slip floor coverings. The result: reduced worker fatigue and increased productivity. The smooth transfer of the work piece to the next stage in the production line simply means that no parts ever need to be rejected.

Steel construction

  • Structural steelwork for media
  • Steel platforms
  • Hall construction
  • Crane installations
  • Roofing
  • Machine gantries

The steel construction division of Staudinger is one of the company's key cornerstones. At the start of the project, we draw up a static analysis ready for testing and carefully calculate the underlying loads. Our steel construction engineers translate these planning requirements into reality and produce a safe and durable steel structure. Our welding work is performed according to DIN 18800. Because the technical expertise of a wide variety of specialists is combined under one roof at Staudinger, we can exploit the full potential offered by steel construction and offer a comprehensive range of solutions for projects of any size.

Protective devices

  • Protective fencing
  • Machine enclosures
  • Worker safety systems
  • Safety gates
  • Noise protection cabins
  • Laser protection cabins

You need a real expert to install safety systems: enclosures need to be carefully calculated to absorb dangerous forces many times over in the event of an accident. You need to be able to rely on a proper and safe installation so that the level of protection designed on paper translates to real safety in the workplace.
And of course, the safety measures must not slow down the workflow. The Staudinger team has repeatedly demonstrated its skill in unifying the safety and protection of workers with an efficient workflow. We are familiar and comply with all relevant standards and acts - for the safety of your teams and machines.

Surface technology

  • Painting and coating systems
  • washing systems
  • IR dryers
  • two-component mixing systems
  • adhesive application systems
  • corrosion protection systems
  • fluorination systems
  • plasma systems

Staudinger offers a complete range of surface technology services that you can depend on. We are always at the leading edge of technology. You can confidently place your entire surface treatment project in our hands, starting with the planning and design phase and continuing right through to initial startup and optimization. We can also assist you with the approval process. Customers also often turn to Staudinger for ongoing production and quality assurance support. Painting and coating systems (for water varnish and solvents) are one of Staudinger's specialities. Staudinger will carry out retrofit, repair and maintenance work on manual or automatic systems or on your own individual configurations.
Staudinger also has expertise in the following areas: construction of washing and drying systems, adhesive applications systems for water-based and solvent-based adhesives, surface activation systems, flame treatment, fluorination, plasma activation, painting and coating technology, manual painting and coating stations, robots and paint mixing systems.


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