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In our plant and machine engineering department, our aim is to offer you the most comprehensive service possible. Talk to us when your plant is not running as smoothly as it should, even if you don't really think that it is primarily a plant or machine engineering problem. With our numerous specialists and the company's own workshops, we can find professional solutions to many problems which are hard to nail down. Please let us know how we can help.

Plant/system installation

  • Core drilling technology

Industrial plants of many renowned manufactures around the world have all one thing in common: they have been installed and set up by Staudinger engineers and technicians. Respected companies trust in the quality of our work, and in many cases manufacturers refer their customers directly to us. Of course, that just makes us try even harder to make sure that our work is worth of the recommendation.

Plant/system relocation

The smooth and problem-free relocation of plants and machinery is no mean technical feat. This is where the logistics experts in the Staudinger team come into their own. What is the most appropriate maximum dimension for the part? What is the loading and unloading sequence? What labeling will help to ensure that the dismantling and assembly/installation processes run as smoothly as possible? When relocating a plant, the specialists at Staudinger must be able to rely 100% on all instructions being properly understood, passed on and put exactly into action as intended. This is where one of the real strengths of the Staudinger Group comes into play - we are a team, with an intuitive sense of cooperation that comes as second nature.


Staudinger employees work in a large number of industrial fields. They are familiar with the plants and machines of countless manufacturers, ranging from old to new, with all their features and peculiarities. This equips them perfectly for all types of maintenance work.
Regardless of whether emergency servicing, plant optimization or regular scheduled maintenance is required: Staudinger will provide all servicing work carefully, comprehensively and quickly.


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