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Supply Engineering

The area of supply engineering is hardly spectacular. Nonetheless, its importance is significant: the effects of incorrect calculations and poor implementation are immediate. Productive operation is only possible if all of the supply systems for media - such as water, compressed air and gas for welding - work perfectly.
Trust the quality and experience of the Staudinger team.

Media installation

  • Compressed air
  • Inert gas
  • Flux
  • Cooling water
  • Noble gas

The Staudinger team places great importance on ensuring that all media supply lines are properly and professionally installed. In the process, we use different materials for our lines to suit different requirements. We also use a variety of different techniques to join the pipes - again, we choose the most appropriate technology for the application in hand. Staudinger media delivery installations follow the strict principle of making sure that the infrastructure is in place to deliver the required media to your plant - on-demand and with 100 % availability.

Pneumatic / Hydraulic systems

  • Tool installation
  • Manual hydraulic press systems
  • Vacuum technology
  • Lifting gates
  • pneumatic / hydraulic drive technology
  • pneumatic / hydraulic control technology

Staudinger employs a range of specialists in the fields of pneumatic and hydraulic systems. Both the dimensioning and installation of complex plants and modifications to pneumatic and hydraulic systems in existing assembly sections are executed exactly to plan with the aid of special purpose machines. Of course we can also draw up the corresponding system layout diagrams for you.


  • Welding smoke extraction
  • Ventilation and extraction

Fatigue-free working in factory halls is only possible if carefully thought-out ventilation and extraction systems are in place. This is where Staudinger can help: what is the required diameter for the fresh air supply pipe? What about the dimensions for the smoke extraction plant? And where is the best place to route the exhaust air pipes? These are the types of questions we ask ourselves - leaving our customers free to focus on other areas.


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